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About Us

Oklahoma Energy Partners, LLC ("OEP"), a veteran-owned and operated company in Oklahoma City, specializes in acquiring minerals, royalties, and leasehold interests, leveraging public and proven production data to focus on the Anadarko, Ardmore, and Arkoma basins, while providing exceptional service and expertise in the energy industry.

Our management team has more than 25 years experience in the oil and gas industry.  OEP is a private family funded group with strong relationships with private equity groups. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

At OEP we take pride in helping mineral owners understand value of selling minerals at fair market prices. We walk all mineral owners through our simple, fast and effortless process.

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Why Sell?

Why Lease

Getting a legitimate mineral offer on minerals is similar to cashing in on the long-term investment you’ve been waiting to mature.  We pay a lump sum for minerals that may take decades to ever get fully developed, if developed at all.  Owning minerals comes with plenty of risks, including current trends, whether wells will ever get drilled, oil and gas prices plummet, or if operators go bankrupt before they get to the area.  We try to buy as many interests in as many sections as possible to diversify our risk.  


But I’ll have to pay taxes:


  • You’ll have to pay taxes either way.

  • If you keep the minerals and they ever are developed, operators withhold state severance taxes from your revenue checks, and you pay ordinary income taxes on the royalties you would receive. Consult your tax professional.

  • If you sell, you pay long-term capital gains on the amount received over your basis in the minerals.  The long-term capital gains tax is a lower rate than the ordinary income tax rate.  Consult your tax professional.

  • Consider a 1031 – Like-kind exchange.  Consult your tax professional.

Contact one of our experts to sell your assets today.

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Why Lease?

Leasing mineral interests can provide minerals owners with a steady stream of income through lease bonuses and royalties without having to invest in extraction operations themselves. It allows them to benefit from the potential value of their underground resources while retaining ownership of the minerals. Additionally, leasing transfers the risks and costs associated with exploration and production to the lessee, who typically has more expertise and resources. Lastly, it can increase the overall value of the property by demonstrating the presence of valuable minerals.  


But I’ve had better offers:  The most bonus money doesn't always ensure the best lease!  When you lease with Oklahoma Energy Partners you always get...

  1. Expertise and Reliability: "While other offers might seem more attractive upfront, our company brings decades of expertise and a proven track record in the industry. We ensure reliable payments and transparent operations, which can be crucial for long-term success."

  2. Comprehensive Support: "We offer comprehensive support throughout the leasing process, including expert guidance on managing your mineral interests effectively. Our team is committed to ensuring you understand every aspect of the lease, providing peace of mind and confidence in your decision."

  3. Long-term Relationship: "Our focus is on building long-term relationships with our lessors. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and ongoing communication, ensuring you are always informed and satisfied with our partnership."

  4. Community Commitment: "As a veteran-owned and Oklahoman company, we are deeply committed to supporting our local community. By leasing with us, you are partnering with a company that values integrity, respect, and community development."

  5. Tailored Solutions: "We understand that each mineral interest is unique. Unlike other companies that offer one-size-fits-all solutions, we provide tailored leasing options that best suit your specific needs and maximize your benefits."

Contact one of our experts to lease your assets today.

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With an impressive track record, we pay our clients top market prices based on science-driven results. Our main areas of focus are Blaine, Canadian, and Kingfisher counties commonly known as the (STACK), Carter, Garvin, Grady, McClain and Stevens counties also known as the (SCOOP). Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.



  • Blaine

  • Canadian

  • Kingfisher


  • Carter

  • Garvin

  • Grady

  • McClain

  • Stevens

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